Taught By: James VanDenBogart

Join me as I take you through my design process. Follow through as I teach you how to design creatures from animals. Plus get the Zbrush hellhound and canine to study from and to try making your own creatures! 

Learn how to gather reference and digest that information into one cohesive design. Discover the necessary steps it takes to transform your creations into something much bigger and better. Elevate your game! 

Follow along as I show you the objective approach to becoming self critical so that you can push your work and have a piece to add to your portfolio.  Enjoy! 

Tools: Zbrush: Photoshop:

1. Dynamesh- For pushing and pulling the silhouette.

2. Brushes - Move, clay, claybuildup, claytubes, standard, DamStandard, inflate.

3. Photoshop - To create reference pages