Taught By: Katon Callaway

Over 5 hours of Video for the Creative Character Workshop plus the final Zbrush Ztl and Psd.  

Not only can you watch the entire process of taking a concept to a final portfolio piece, but also look at the sculpt and final psd to breakdown my approach.  

I take a concept that I did during Inktober, and walk you through the entire sculpting and painting process so that you can have a piece to add to your portfolio.  Enjoy! 

Overview and tools I use. Zbrush: Photoshop: Keyshot

1. Dynamesh- I block in the character using Dynamesh.

2. Skin Weight- his is a topic I cover where I talk about how to achieve proper skin weight, and how different parts of skin have different weight. 

3. Poly Painting Skin- My approach to poly painting skin, specifically more scary creature skin,. 

4. Armor- The bit of armor he has, I show you how it is done. 

5. Keyshot rendering and Photoshop Composting to get the final look.  I show my light setup and materials to achieve this final look.